CCAF will be conducting registration for students who wish to enroll for the
2016-2017 school year. Registration appointments are required. Contact Creystal Castell, Family Serices Coordinator at 770-535-8372 or to make an appointment.

Challenged Child and Friends is in the active enrollment process.  Space is available for all children ages 6 weeks to 6 years of age.

Challenged Child and Friends Early Education and Intervention Program

To respond to the primary program focus of service and outreach to children with developmental delays, disabilities or at-risk characteristics, the agency uses the following criteria and/or screening factors to make placement in the early intervention treatment program:

  • A child with developmental delay, as per physician referral, or with developmental or therapy evaluations or current treatment that indicates developmental delay or at-risk characteristics exist that require therapeutic, medical or adaptive interventions. 
  • A child with a health condition that requires ongoing monitoring by a nurse or clinical treatments such as, but not limited to, respiratory treatments, insulin or other injections of medication, blood level monitoring, seizure monitoring/response, catheterization, feeding by tube or specified adaptive feeding, colostomy management, etc. 
  • A child that is referred by a community source or family screening/intake information that identifies social-emotional-behavioral characteristics that are having a negative impact on developmental progress or that requires adaptive strategies and intervention by a classroom teaching team.

Challenged Child and Friends “and Friends” Program for Typically Developing Students
Children  ages 6 weeks up  to 6 years of age that are typically developing may enroll in our “and Friends” program.  The following information applies to admissions into our “and Friends” program. 

Admissions Process:

  • Priority placements are given to staff children, siblings of children enrolled in our Intervention Treatment Program and siblings of children enrolled in our “and Friends” program. 
  • Children enrolled in our “and Friends” program are not eligible for financial assistance. 
  • Spaces are limited; however, CCAF does utilize a waiting list for services. 
  • Placement decisions for this program are not solely based on the child’s age.  Placements are determined based on level of development, educational needs and age. 
The agency will engage the resources of an interdisciplinary team that includes therapists, nurses, educators and family support.

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