Children with Typical Development

Our "and Friends" Program  


The “and Friends” part of our agency name represents the integration of children with typical development into our classrooms. Children with typical development receive services that promote social and pre-academic skills in a SACS accredited, Quality Rated environment, guided by trained professionals. The child’s classroom teacher can access the expertise of specialists in speech-language, fine and gross motor development when needed. The credentials and qualifications of the teachers are outstanding, including preschool teachers who have bachelor and master degrees in early childhood and/or special education. The average ratio of approximately one adult to every four children is very beneficial, compared to higher ratios in other child development centers or preschools. 
Typically developing children also benefit from the additional adult support of community volunteers and university interns and clinical rotations. Each typical child receives developmental assessment, has individualized goals, and receives ongoing tracking of their progress. They also benefit from the general health services of our nurses and the consultation and support of the agency Principal, Teaching and Learning Coordinator and Family Sercives Coordinator. Parents partner with staff in goal setting and in conferences to discuss their child’s strengths, needs and progress.
The opportunity to form friendships with children who have different strengths and needs in our program promotes attitudes of acceptance. The young lives of the “and Friends” participants are enriched by exposure to friends with special needs. As they learn to adapt with their friends during activities, they gain skills that will help them interact with people in the future.

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