Challenged Child and Friends is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools (SACS), Quality Rated and licensed by Bright From the Start.

Challenged Child & Friends is an early intervention school that focuses on the development of the whole child.  Upon entry into our program, all children receive a general developmental assessment performed by the child’s teacher. Students are given scored on the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards (GELDS) in all developmental domains.  Tracking and evaluation of student progress is an ongoing process. Portfolios are developed for all students to show progress throughout the year. We utilize a variety of educational resources as well as enrichment programs. 
Educational Resources
  • Creative Curriculum
  • Handwriting Without Tears
 Enrichment Programs
  • Music Therapy
  • Storytelling
  • Character Education
  • Pet Therapy
  • Social Skills Groups
Classroom Strategies
  • Average staff to student ratio of 1:4
  • Schedules that promote understanding and participation in the routine of the classroom day, including the use of aided language symbols
  • Centers for learning, including computer centers
  • Materials rotated in classrooms to match unit topics
  • Positive discipline strategies and redirection
  • Interdisciplinary approach to learning that includes parents, teachers, nurses, therapists and others
  • Language-based and print-rich environment that promotes expression of needs, wants, feelings and cognition, as well as literacy skills
  • Promote peer interaction through social skills lessons and activities
  • Promote self-esteem building through opportunities for success, with encouragement from caring staff
  • Focus on participatory, child-lead activities to enhance learning
  • Activities to promote curiosity, initiative, problem- solving skills


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