Challenged Child Spotlight

"And Friends" Program
Age 6 weeks to 6 years

My children attend CCAF becauseā€¦ My family has been lucky to have my mother, a retired educator, available to care for our children. This set a very high bar for any preschool to meet. We knew we wanted a preschool that prepared our children to enter primary school and have the tools to succe... read more

Lily Ann
Age 2

Behind Lily Ann's contagious smile is a story of success, triumph and perseverance. She is a survivor. From simply breathing to working diligently to achieve the milestones her peers develop naturally. Lily Ann has fought some kind of battle every day of her life. Born premature at 30 weeks, and... read more

Age 3

Suffering from a number of developmental delays, when 2 year old Nasir enrolled at CCAF he was immobile. After only one month Nasir began crawling, and now after working with the CCAF therapists for one year, he is walking independently! The gift of mobility is something most 3-year-olds take for ... read more


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