Therapy services include the evaluation of skills, the development of treatment plans and delivery of therapy if indicated.  Therapists work as members of a team which include parents, classroom staff and other therapy and/or medical disciplines.  For students enrolled in our school program, therapiies are integrated into the student school day.  The emphasis in therapy is on facilitating the child’s participation in family, school and community life.
Physical Therapy assists children in their gross motor development, i.e. postures in sitting, standing, mobility and recreational skills.
Occupational Therapy assists children in their fine motor and self care skills, i.e. school related activities and dressing and/or feeding skills.   Occupational Therapy also helps children to organize and regulate their sensory systems.
Speech Therapy addresses language, articulation, voice, fluency, auditory training and alternative communication modes.  Speech Therapy may also assist children in development of feeding skills.
At Challenged Child & Friends therapy may be received through one of the following delivery models:
  1. Direct Service:  The therapist will provide direct “hands-on” treatment.  Fees for direct therapy services are in addition to intervention program tuition.  CCAF bills all health insurance providers, including  Medicaid for therapy services.
  2. Monitoring:  The therapist will design and monitor a therapy plan implemented by the teaching staff.  There is ongoing contact between the therapist and the classroom staff, usually on a monthly basis; however, it may be more frequent if needed.
  3. Consultation:  The therapist adapts materials and objects to accommodate the child’s needs, designs strategies to improve position and movement patterns and instructs the classroom staff on how to make modifications.  Ongoing contact may not be necessary.
 Alternative Augmentative Communication(AAC) may be identified as essential to a child’s communication.  At Challenged Child and Friends, the speech-language pathologists are required to be leaders in the technical application of AAC.

Therapy services are offered on an out-patient basis during the summer months.  

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